that girl needs therapy

...and a haircut

Happy Birthday Jess!

bellatrix collage
Not nearly what I wanted it to look like, but oh well:

Griffin Art
eff the cut, theres two pics.

window cling! These were all hanging in the window at the preschool but my phone crashed before i could take a pic :(

apple print!

peppers, birthdays and head colds (oh my)
Yes, its a lame title, I know. So these pics are going to be from Friday on. I was sick Sunday and Monday so I didnt get a chance to post weekend pics. Griffin was sniffly yesterday but he seems to be fine this morning so luckily he didnt catch it. I unfortunately had to miss Emily's birthday, but the boys went ahead so I pirated some pics from Lex.
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weekend pics
This weekend, my dad and stepmom came in from Texas. On Friday, Griffin and I showed them around San Mateo, but I've posted so many pics of that, that I didnt even bother to bring my camera. Saturday we met downtown at Fisherman's Wharf and took an hour cruise out on the bay. Amazing weather. There's also a pic of some plushies I did last night. Enjoy:
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sandboxes, strawberries and sunflowers (oh my)
Lame title, I know. This 3-day weekend would've been pretty awesome if Ian didn't have to work Saturday and Sunday morning, but whatever. Saturday, Deb and Danny stopped by on their way up from LA to San Francisco. This time they had their little ones. After a scare regarding the cat and her absence, we had lunch before they continued on their trip. Sunday, Ian had some friends over from work. Ian made a pretty bomb-ass meal and we played Rock Band till late. Today we took the morning to drive down the coast along highway 1. Freaking awesome. A whole slew of beaches, coastline and cute little coastal towns. We stopped at a U-pick strawberry farm, pretty awesome. I havent picked ANYTHING in like years. Griffin was crabby and whiny up until Ian picked the first strawberry off the bush. Then all of a sudden he was like "ZOMG STRAWBERRIES". It was hilarious. My doctor has me on quite a few meds for the baby-making, and seeing as I've always been averse to any medication at all, I havent been feeling well, so I dont know how many posts Im going to do this week. My dad and stepmom come in on Thursday so I will probably post by this weekend. Anydoodle, here:
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halloween, guy love and griffin photography
Pictures from this week. Some Halloween creations I made for Sleepy Hollow, some of the new haberdashery Griffin and I have set up, and some that Griffin took while on the potty.
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hella back logged!
I know, I havent posted in like a week, but I've either been busy or lazy. Neither of which lends itself to posting. Anyway, I hope you forgive me, considering theres like 20 pictures from last week including the fire on 92, Half Moon Bay, and plenty of the doodle monster.

Truly Random Crap
I have a nice big hodgepodge (is that the word? Is that even a word?)
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